Daily Regret

Get it off your chest - What do you regret?

I regret...

What others regret:

Number Who What
1108 Anonymous I regret 33.01ht1pm9hr1m0pzh3s732aescm@mail4u.life
1107 Anonymous I regret 33.01ht1pm9hr1m0pzh3s732aescm@mail4u.fun
1106 Anonymous I regret 29.01hk6gnn6wycv3jd8nnt2twbnt@mail5u.xyz
1105 Anonymous I regret 16.01hfczrz0xggwtpeetept7ej73@mail4u.fun
1104 Anonymous I regret
1103 Ivan Milat I regret Not hiding the bodies properly
1102 johnanz I regret oBeoTByzO
1101 pr@standata.xyz I regret pr@standata.xyz
1100 Anonymous I regret Not buying the doughnut machine when we had the chance
1099 Anonymous I regret Not buying the doughnut machine when we had the chance
1098 Free Dating Site. Meet New People Online: https://f3gxp.page.link/Tbeh


I regret
1097 Cluey I regret looking this up
1096 I regret
1095 fvqenorwcbb I regret lExiBnIslcyCMi
1094 obnktwvwsj I regret ivDtFFmwV
1093 xikiavwsp I regret MValbeVythvgJDUM
1092 rdtpcppeeti I regret dfTqDQDKr
1091 Judix I regret zmVxCEEAVqF
1090 Judi I regret rQXeOJlgsOQikkKPRSM
1089 Barneyxcq I regret euRdxFPXOkgViP
1088 Barneyxcq I regret bTXPuxrjJfpvSrMII
1087 Anonymous I regret eohl
1086 Anonymous I regret eohl
1085 Anonymous'pxhq<'">aRZR I regret eohl
1084 Anonymous'(),,)()). I regret eohl
1083 Anonymous I regret eohl'GKWM<'">onrJ
1082 Anonymous I regret eohl()(.)'')).
1081 Anonymous I regret eohl
1080 Anonymous I regret eohl
1079 GoldenTabs I regret RdqcovbRbMooBxHGbFs
1078 GoldenTabs I regret UOQHDRCKiJizz
1077 GoldenTabs I regret keumHqFrmdeNuT
1076 GoldenTabs I regret TieXGUmq
1075 GoldenTabs I regret ZXCbxnZVTmBSRRDqfGk
1074 Dave I regret Eating KFC when I already felt sick. Now I feel so much worse
1073 Anonymous I regret Yep. Completely.
1072 David I regret buying 2.4KG of vanilla slice from costco
1071 Anonymous I regret Mrs Cavanaugh....
960 gz I regret using ear wax cleaner on otherwise perfect ears. Now I can\'t hear shit
874 Dave I regret Eating take away today. I feel dead.
813 Dave I regret eating that doughnut...it was disgusting
812 Dave I regret using the special orders desk at bunnings warehouse. I never got what I wanted.
379 Anonymous I regret Taking a free polisher from a poor kent
351 Mahmoud El Hallab I regret all the chances I didn\'t take with you. I\'ll regret all the moments I let slip by. I\'ll regret all the times I hid my feelings from you. And in end, my biggest regret was losing you.
287 Dave I regret Ordering Chinese food just because I was hungry
214 Anonymous I regret Masturbating to heaps of guys on omegle.
213 Customer I regret buying printers from Penta Group PTY LTD - they are shit and continue to fuck up our orders.
212 grae I regret not clicking buy it now at $75. Instead I bid 60.... it sold for 120
211 Dave I regret not being able to write all my regrets
210 Lol yeah right I regret I regret knocking her back. She was tipsy, I didn\'t want to take advantage. That aside, I was a bit shy. The regret is in two parts: 1) Absolutly should have! 2) Evidently it made her feel shit as she was knocked back by someone she liked.
209 Yeah I regret Farting on my gf. She can be a stroppy bitch sometimes
208 Dave I regret deleting my black book contacts
207 Anonymous I regret putting the sperm in a bottle. who knew it would be dead after floating the high seas for years
206 Anonymous I regret that I am reading comments and not doing my fucking assignmnent!
205 Anonymous I regret that I regret, regret doing this instead of the thing I actually regret
204 Anonymous I regret that school ever fucking exsisted
203 Anonymous I regret being at school ever! hello em!!
202 Anonymous I regret I regret eating that shit, now I feel shiiiit
201 Anonymous I regret I regret eating that shit, now I feel shiiiit
200 Anonymous I regret I regret waking up today, i want it to be two weeks from now
199 Anonymous I regret resetting a router to factory defaults, its now mighty fucked
198 Anonymous I regret a lifetime of regretting things. I should be out living
197 D I regret alot of missed chances in the USA
196 Groz I regret not visiting leguna seca race track when I drove past... WHY DIDN\"T I GO IN!!!
195 Anonymous I regret buying a heap of shit stanley tie rod separator. Not only did the first one fail, the second one did as well. What a heap of shit.
194 Anonymous I regret Not having enough time to get to her face
193 Mitchell Manwarring I regret i regret my mum having sex
192 Ray Trindall I regret Your mum giving birth to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
191 Dave I regret leaving my pants in vegas, they would be really useful now
190 Anonymous I regret sucking my own cock
189 Dave I regret buying 20 cupcakes from costco, i cant even eat one
188 me I regret buying a subscription to costco... it was shit and not impressive
187 You know who I am - fuckers! I regret using everythingbutflowers.com.au - what fuckin fail cunts!
186 Anonymous I regret I regret the porn movies I did when I turned 18 last year.
185 Regretful Soul I regret not perusing my relationship further with Shania Twain - we had something special but other priorities got in the way.
184 Dave I regret not buying epictits.xxx
183 Dave I regret saying the word beautiful
182 Dave I regret I regret eating thos angry burger rings at hungry jacks. My arse was shooting flames that night.
181 GraZ I regret Choosing the hot Tom yum soup. It was beyond delicious! It\'s already coming out hotter than it came in.
180 Dave I regret the time when my car was rolled
179 Anonymous I regret not having regrets
178 Anonymous I regret working with childish people
177 Grazer I regret removing my new winch rope from it\'s cable ties - 30m
176 Heather I regret all the things i didn\'t do or say - not the things i did!!!!
175 Anonymous I regret I regret believing for a second someone who accept me for me and having cyber sex
174 Anonymous I regret doing what 2girls1cup instructed me to do
173 Anonymous I regret selling my UHF radio - i hate charging batteries
172 Anonymous I regret not buying a slot load cd drive when I had the chance. I was talked out of it by the asian sales man, and may never get the opportunity again
171 Graeme I regret the salad. the unforgiving acoustics of a client\'s bathroom meant they probably regretted my visit too.
170 Graeme I regret Eating 3/4 serving of Soraya\'s delicious hot Thai beef salad.
169 Anonymous I regret Having cyber sex (masturbating fully naked with a stranger who potentially recorded everything) the day after I break up with the love of my life
168 Anonymous I regret Taking the morning after pill three times
167 Sammiee I regret Meeting Joe Black :L what an asshole!
166 Anonymous I regret HAVING CYBER SEX!!
165 Dave I regret attempting to eat a McDonalds Family Dinner Box
164 Anonymous I regret visiting this site, there is never anything new
163 Grom I regret Nothing. But why can\'t I sleep?
162 David... i think I regret changing my facebook status
161 Anonymous I regret pulling my iphone apart
160 Anonymous I regret buying an iPhone
159 Anonymous I regret leaving a webpage that promised me a new iphone. shit!
158 IHateSaladNow I regret eating coral lettuce - it seems to upset my tum tum - not quite sure why.
157 Anonymous I regret suggesting anything could be cooler than a gti-r
156 David I regret this website is failly slow
155 Anonymous I regret Dave has a prescription to the morning after pill
154 GRADY I regret this not listing higher in google!
153 Graeme I regret buying the Jensen Healey Interceptor
152 Anonymous I regret visiting rotten.com
151 Dave I regret being so awesome
150 Grazer I regret ... wait, I don\'t regret fixing the slashes
149 Anonymous I regret broswer id & time
148 grazer I regret being the first to do a datetime entry
136 Anonymous I regret to inform you that your posts are lame
135 graeme I regret providing brett with this url prior to his holiday
134 Anonymous I regret it is motherfucking indestructable
133 Anonymous I regret that i have jail broken my phone and its awesome, I should have done it months ago
132 Anonymous I regret My iphone isnt synced with the laptop I brought for the 4.2 iOS update http://www.apple.com/au/ios/
131 Anonymous I regret That I have no farking idea what there asking me, or what that food on the menu is...
130 Anonymous I regret That Tokyo beds are harder than Australian floors
129 Anonymous I regret that inverted commas produce slashes \"see\"
128 Anonymous I regret that in another country the Date and Time still doesnt work
127 Anonymous I regret not having mr glasses cam for the girl that said \"sure\"
126 Jack the Dripper I regret Sleeping with that dirty girl I met in the alley. The one who gave me herpes. I didn\'t ask for it. I didn\'t want it. But oh, boy, did I get it.
125 Anonymous I regret That this pubs music is too loud
124 Anonymous I regret Today, on the subway, a little tipsy, I sat down next to a guy I thought was cute, hoping to enjoy some harmless flirting. I said, \"Hello.\" He said, \"May I ask you a question?\" I said, \"Sure.\" He said, \"Can you please move away from me.\"
123 Anonymous I regret Today, I played a volleyball game at my school. Not only did I miss the winning point, the ball hit my face in the process, which resulted in popping a big fat zit on my nose
122 Anonymous I regret Today, I received a restraining order from a girl I have never met
121 Anonymous I regret Today, I realized that even though I\'ve taken three years of Spanish, the only words and phrases I can remember are from Dora the Explorer
120 Anonymous I regret Today, I was with my boyfriend outside when he suddenly let out an agonizing scream and said \"A bird! A bird is attacking me!\" I ran over to him, panicked, to find him running away from a butterfly.
14 Anonymous I regret doing ya mum
13 Anonymous I regret telling my partner that I was drunk. I was NOT!
12 Dave I regret Quiken, possibly worst software ever. I quit my job.
10 Anonymous I regret further testing - i'm never going to get paid for this...
7 Anonymous I regret eating junk food
6 Anonymous I regret that i might not make work tomorrow as Im watching possibly the best F1 race of all time
5 Anonymous I regret that the person that wrote number 4 is so unoriginal.
4 Anonymous I regret I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the first and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it wouthit a porbelm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?
3 Anonymous I regret clicking on this link
2 Anonymous I regret Dave is a retard that cant spell
1 Anonymous I regret NOTHING - dave is a ledgend